How safe is my data?

Currently our servers are located in the United States of America (U.S.), by Microsoft Azure, Inc. and your personal information will be routed through, and stored on, those servers as part of the Hosted Service. Microsoft Azure complies with relevant aspects of the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Framework and has certified that it adheres to relevant Safe Harbor Privacy Principles


Can I use the software in conjunction with other Telehealth programs?

The FlinCare™ software is designed to allow for remote access for both the health professional and the patient. By also using a telehealth program in conjunction with FlinCare™, health professionals can communicate with patients and use the web- based tools delivered by our software in order to implement the Flinders Program™


As a health professional, do I need to be trained in the Flinders Program in order to use the tools in FlinCare™ with a patient?

Yes, A Certificate of Completion is awarded to participants who complete the training. This certificate entitles you to use the Flinders Program™ within your clinical practice.

More information on training can be found by clicking here:


Can I trial the FlinCare software within my organistion?

The FlinCare™ software is available to trial. Click here to contact a friendly FlinCare staff member