The Flinders ProgramTM is being trialled in a variety of clinical application settings and across a range of conditions. The Commonwealth Government, through the ‘Sharing Health Care’ initiative funded the development of an education module in chronic disease self-management that includes the use of the Flinders tools. There were eight “Sharing Health Care” projects, one in each State and Territory, and, in addition, three indigenous projects had the opportunity of using the education module and the tools as one of the strategies within their project (Francis, Feyer and Smith 2007).

Clinical Application Trials of the Flinders ProgramA randomised control trial completed with Vietnam Veterans with alcohol problems showed significant outcomes. Two randomised control trials have commenced to assess the value of this program in people aged sixty years and over, and to test patient competencies in self-management are now in analysis and reporting stages.

Other studies have targeted population groups, which include the culturally and linguistically diverse, Aboriginal and low socio-economic groups.

In addition, four projects funded by Department of Health in South Australia have been completed. These projects have shown encouraging outcomes both statistically and clinically. These projects have been in the areas of mental health, diabetes in rural aboriginal populations, chronic lung disease and heart disease. For more details view the FHBHRU the publications list. (